Wednesday, August 22, 2007

here we come

After the guilds Kara run last night Dspawn and I decided to try our hand at some more 2 man pvp. It was late but we were able to squeeze in 6 matches and go 5-1. This brought the team rating up to 1565. Our only loss was the last match vs. a decked out mage/warlock combo that we had beat the game before handily. This time they had a better game plan and were able to get me down right before the mage died leaving Dspawn 1 vs. 1 with the other warlock. Unfortunately Dspawn had 1/3 life and the other warlock had 2/3 life. Dspawn almost pulled out the miracle but in the end he died with the other warlock at <5% life.

I am just 8k honor away from the epic pvp trinket that will give me +35 resilience and a self heal for when im silenced.

They say that the top 10% of the battle group gets a epic dragon at the end of the season. With a 1565 rating we are in the 9000 range it says. On the top 150 teams in my battle group it shows number 159 as having a 950 rating. Does that mean that 1850+ at the end of the season will prob get a dragon?

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Egil said...

Seems like Dpsawn is doing a great job of filling your brothers shoes as he is on vacation.

I assume you mean 1950 rating? Slightly confused in that whole matter, from what I have been told there will be a lot of push as it gets closer to season closure. Just remember the 20% rule and you'll both end up flying the blue wonder of higher speed!